Energie's History

Launched in 1989, the brand has taken quite a solid personality—a strong and individualistic character that combines vintage elements with recognizable urban details and a variety of artistic inspirations. Since then, the brand has never wavered on testing and experimentations, doing research and pushing for innovation, and all this has given rise to various collections—from shoes and bags, to beach wear and even underwear lines.

ENERGIE was established with the desire to create something new, different and original. The brand takes its inspiration from the name of the first clothing store opened in Rome, meeting point in the first Eighties of many artists working together to create installations and special exclusive windows. From its launch in 1989, the brand is renowned in the world for its strong personality and capacity to combine vintage elements with urban details and artistic inspirations.

Bursting with a strong urban style, ENERGIE cuts to the chase and baptizes the trendsetters by giving them a vintage look that brings to the surface the wearer’s rock star persona. Looking to the streets for inspiration, the club kids and trend-watchers alike can finally amp up their casual chic look with this ultimate show stopper—this unbelievably hot line of men’s shoes that would be the soul of the trendiest men’s look every season.